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The editor of a Pixar film sits at the very center of an enormous filmmaking enterprise, making key contributions to some of the most critically acclaimed and financially successful movies of all time. But how animation editors work is poorly understood outside of Pixar, even among seasoned editors in Hollywood. Through interviews, research, and interactive example, Making the Cut at Pixar clearly demonstrates how these editors serve the prodigious storytelling effort. Making the Cut at Pixar allows a burgeoning audience of film professionals, students, and fans access to the cutting rooms where  innovative methods are revolutionizing the industry. Published in May 2022 by Focal Press.

Activating the Archive, a four-day gathering at the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, drew a flock of international scholars, filmmakers, students and professionals to pose questions, test answers, and find inspiration as well as each other. An opportunity to reflect deeply on the role of image collections in preserving—and creating—cultural memory. (continued....)

The drama arising from their return home is so different from battlefront bonding and peril—as different as is Ulysses from The Iliad. This essay reviews Hollywood’s rich tradition of dramatizing veterans’ Post War experience—and explains why that tradition is now nearly dead, the subject practically taboo.

 I turned to my friend Ralph Eggleston, the brilliant production designer of great Pixar films and accomplished artist in his own right. I knew he would offer a great perspective as both scholar of Hollywood’s history and as an artist practicing at the top of his craft today.

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